Projects I have worked on or am planning. Sorted by psuedorandomness.

NFC controller (2014-)

github repository

Initally created to serve as a generic board that can use RFID/NFC to authorize people to open doors, use machines, and operate vending machines at Hive13, the hackerspace I help manage. Features 10mbit ethernet, and STM32 cortex m3 microcontroller, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) with 5V, 3.3V, and 12V DC power rails for a variety of different purposes.

Currently in design and testing stages. Circuit boards design and manufactured. Currently testing boards and working on software and firmware.

Realistic Aquarium Light

Future project
An aquarium light that replicates real sunlight and moonlight conditions anywhere in the world. Currently more advanced aquarium lights only provide LEDs that approximate certain types of sunlight. Not only are their issues with LEDs being point sources and causing uneven light levels, but the type of light has a very blue biased spectrum that is fixed. In reality the spectrum and intensity of sunlight changes throughout the day.

I am also not aware of any light fixtures that attempt to truly replicate moonlight (only in the form of dimmer blue LEDs). This light will replicate different phases of the moon as light intensity levels and will attempt to replicate the spectrum of moonlight. This may be fairly important as a number of fish base spawn cycles on the cycles of the moon.

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